Bordeaux vineyards affected by hailstorms


The ten plagues of Egypt. This is the harsh reality of Bordeaux today, as hail falls and ravages the vineyards. In the late afternoon of April 17, 2020, with almost no warning from weather stations, hailstorms formed over several Bordeaux vineyards, following the direction of the south Gironde, coming from the Landes to the north-east of the département, as shown in this infographic listing the effects of lightning.


These storms hit the vineyards of Sauternes before moving up towards the Entre-deux-Mers, passing through Espiet, Tizac de Curton and Moulon, then heading towards Saint-Emilion and Castillon-la-Bataille, doing significant damage to the small appellation of Francs-Côtes de Bordeaux, where Château Le Puy seems to have paid a heavy price.

This hailstorm comes at a decisive moment for the vines. With the heat of the last few weeks, the vines were at the stage of two or three leaves in most cases.

After the frost and the 2019 hailstorms, which were more localised, after the economic slump, after the Trump taxes, after the economic and structural crises that Bordeaux is experiencing, this umpteenth blow of fate resounds like the ten plagues of Egypt in a region struggling to get out of a slump, and for independent winegrowers who are simply trying to survive. Indeed, it seems that the properties most affected are those of the most modest winegrowers.

The weather forecasts predict further thunderstorms on Saturday evening, or even on Sunday for some.

More than ever, it is necessary to be aware that the vineyards of Bordeaux are suffering, and to appeal to the collective conscience of consumers to continue to drink the wines of the region #tousavecbordeaux

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