David Pearson resigns from Opus One and joins Bill Harlan

In a few words addressed to his various contacts, David Pearson, director of Opus One Winery, announced his resignation from his position as CEO of the famous Californian estate.

‘For almost as long as I can remember, my professional life has been attached to Rothschild, Mondavi and Opus One,’ he said. Thanking the two families for listening, for their attention and for their love of wine, he told them: ‘I am forever grateful.’

He continued:

‘Bill Harlan has proposed that I join him and his family as a partner in the creation of a new project. It is too early to share the nature or the specifics of this project. However, I can assure you that this project is new, visionary, and rather challenging as well. The chance to work as a partner with Bill Harlan and his team in the development of something new is exceptional. I am pleased and very honoured to have been offered this opportunity.’

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