Wine of the week : Domaine Serol – Cote Roannaise – Eclat de Granite – 2018

In the years to come, Cote Roannaise could be an interesting outsider in the Loire Valley. More and more domaines are making really great wines and the rise of Domaine Serol as a star of the appellation confirms the qualitative efforts of all winegrowers.

In 2000, Stéphane Serol and girlfriend Carine took over from Stéphane’s father, Robert. Together, they decided to convert the estate to organic viticulture. They obtained the label in 2008.

They planted at a high density for the region, with 8500 vine plants per hectare, and used the whole bunches technique, with soft and low vinification to preserve both the fruit and the drinkability.

Situated in the Loire Valley, the domaine is, however, far from the Loire centre or from Chinon or Sancerre, for example. It is located in the Massif Central, on volcanic soils that bring acidity and a beautiful tension to the wines. Made from Gamay grapes, the reds are straight and linear and can sometimes be compared to those from the Syrah grape.

serolEclat de Granite, literally ‘granite splinter’, is the first cuvée made exclusively from Gamay grapes. It is made like all the wines of the estate and matured for 6 months in concrete vats.

I really like the wines of Domaine Serol. They carry within them the delicacy, drinkability, joy and fruity character that make them so easy-going.

And they are very cheap for this quality: £11,50 to Wine Society.

Domaine Serol – Cote Roannaise – Eclat de Granite – 2017 – 88/100
Raspberry, floral notes plus lots of freshness for a lively and energetic bouquet. Tense and graceful, the palate is very precise, full of red fruit and flower aromas. A perfect easy-drinking wine.

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